Monday, 15 May 2017


Hi lovelies been a minute. There's always something intriguing about the nude or camel color as some will put it. It is suble yet you can never go wrong with it. It is safe to say it's the new black or white, because I've realised it blends well with almost anything. That being said, I went for the kill in this all nude ensemble and I love the out come if I'll say so myself.
I went for a simple knit dress and I threw on my fur coat to Shield off the cold wind.I've had this boots for 3years now but they never left my closet. I guess it was time to take her our for a spin.I hope you like the look...
NB: Outfit details below

Dress: AX Paris
Coat: Vintage
Boots:Random find

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


 Hi lovelies happy Tuesday to you all..Trust it's been a pleasant week so far.In as much as its spring, the weather has been pretty unstable, its safe to say you can't predict the British weather.It has a mind of its own sunny one second, windy the next,then raining. So its adviceable to have a jacket in hand to avoid being surpriced.
My look for today, is simple and chic. I went for a jumper,paired it with a black pant with a side zipper for me, that's added an extra edge to the pant, added a wooly hat, my coat and I was good to go..I hope you like it...Cheers

                                                                I'M WEARING
                                                        Jumper:Got from a random store
                                                        Shoe:Christian Louboutin

Saturday, 25 March 2017


Hi lovelies been a minute, I've been busy with other things asides blogging.Trust me it really isn't easy juggling mummy duties and all but, fingers crossed I'll stay keeping you updated. The weather in London sure has a mind of its own, it's spring but hasn't really felt like it. Hopefully it changes soon. I decided to wear a knit dress and knee high boots paired it with a large coat to keep me warm. I love this look because it's simple,yet elegant.I hope you like it as much as I do..

                                                               OUTFIT DETAILS
                                                              Knit Dress

Monday, 6 March 2017


 Hi lovelies,trust everyone is having a swell day? Today's post is all about bringing out my fun side. Which is centered on this very versatile bomber jacket I purchased a while ago and of course the metallic pleated skirt.
 I've wanted to purchase one of this skirts for the longest time,but I just wasn't ready to sprung or go overboard with the price.  I eventually  purchased this skirt a while back at a reasonable price and if by now,you know me, I didn't wear it for months until recently. So what better way to add a little fun to the pleat skirt, I decided to style mine with a bomber jacket and opted for flats rather than heels. Added a fun bag to the mix to finish up the look.I hope you like it...Enjoy
Outfit details below

 Bumper Jacket: Topshop
Cashmere top:Old