Thursday, 7 December 2017


 Hi lovelies, trust everyone is having a swell time. So sorry I've been MIA,with a new baby on board and two toddlers to cater to,it's been crazy hectic let alone keeping up with blogging. It's best to follow my Instagram page to keep up with a lil style inspiration here and there from me.
It's been getting pretty cold in London these days,dont be deceived by the ray of sunshine in the background it is cold.

 Today's style inspo, is me layering a wrap dress with a long jumper, accessorized with a wide waist belt,paired with an ankle boot and I was good to go. I hope you like it....Enjoy

                                 I'M WEARING
                           Dress: Topshop
                           Jumper: Zara
                           Boot: Mario Valentino

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Hi lovelies, trust the week has been pleasant so far? I've just been trying to take things easy with my growing bump....Yes Surprise!!
I must say this has been my easiest pregnancy so far. The fact that I'm not as obviously showing  like my other pregnancies and I still get to dress the bump up is an absolute delight. I posted the first image on instagram few weeks ago and no one had a clue I was pregnant. I guess I have mastered the act of masking my bump very well.
Anyway, today's look I choose to wear an all black dress with a bit of edge. styled it with a bumper jacket and that sums it all.I hope you like it..Enjoy the rest of the week..XXX

Dress: Missguided
Jacket :Topshop
Bag: Gucci
Shoe:Christian Louboutin

Saturday, 16 September 2017


Hi lovelies hope you're enjoying the weekend so far? It's sad to say summer has come to an end but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Although,there were some ridiculously hot days I craved for some good cold weather but now that it is over, I must say I miss her already.I guess that's why We're humans you can never really satisfy
Since its Autumn, I decided to bring out this cool burgundy/wine bandage dress to compliment the weather. It hangs beautifully if I'll say so my self. Layered it with a black sweater for the chilly day. I hope you like It?                                          Enjoy.....

                              What I'm wearing
                              Dress: Missguided
                              Jumper/sweater: Zara
                              Shoe: Public desire

Sunday, 3 September 2017


 Hi lovelies it's been a minute.Happy Sunday and happy New week to you all. I know i've really been struggling with post of late please bear with me. However, if you follow me on instagram,you would have gotten a glimpse of this look. Really sorry about the late post.
It's sad to say, summer is coming to an end but hey we just have to grace the wardrobe with some fabulous Autumn/winter looks to inspire for the cold days ahead.
My look for the day,is centred on this lovely  cloths.  Actually, it's my first time styling one and I absolutely love it. It's funny how fashion has evolved over the years.I remember my mum rocking this style of pants and they called it knicker bugger back in the If you're from Nigeria that is, you'll have an idea what I'm talking about. I decided to style it with a sleeveless striped top and a checked jacket as it was quite windy. I hope you like the look have a wonderful week ahead...Cheers

                                   I'M WEARING
                        Culotte: Random high street store
                        Bag: Chanel boy